Got a road trip or long vacation coming up? With so many things to plan before you get going, your food options might get thrown the wayside. And, picking up whatever you can find at the gas station or fast food drive-thru might get pricey fast and leave you feeling unsatisfied and sluggish. 

You shouldn’t have to settle for whatever you can find, so at Minute® Rice, we’re here to help you with simple and easy-to-make grab and go options for any meal of the day, or tasty snacks you can pack along with you to keep you feeling fueled and full

For your next road trip, save time, energy and money by bringing your own snacks and quick meals along for the ride. Discover all of these tasty options with rice and quinoa! 

Early Morning Breakfast Ideas

Getting an early morning start on the road? We’ve got you covered with some energizing meals to start the day. The night before you leave, whip up any of these simple breakfast options that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. 

Try a Microwavable Breakfast Scramble, ready in 5 minutes.

Egg Options 

For a whole grain and high protein breakfast, try this Brown Rice Frittata with Bacon and Edamame prepared and baked in under 30 minutes. Cut into slices for a finger food breakfast or place between two pieces of bread or toast for a breakfast sandwich. 

This quick Breakfast Scramble can be prepared and stored the night before or made the morning of your trip in under 5 minutes. Got a tight schedule? No problem, for less cleanup heat the rice and place into a container. Combine and cook the egg, cheese and sausage in the empty Minute® cup and serve the egg and sausage mixture over the rice and simply discard the cup! This Fried Rice with Egg recipe is also a great quick option.

Fruity Options 

If you prefer a hearty fruit baked good in the morning, try a slice of this Zucchini Banana Bread, made even fluffier with Minute® Rice & Quinoa. Combine ingredients in just 15 minutes and let the oven do the rest while you get back to packing. 

Need something even easier to make? These Rice and Quinoa Fruit Muffins are prepared and baked in under 30 minutes for a hand-held breakfast that keeps well on the road. Or, try a savory option like these Quinoa and Sausage Muffins made with a Gluten Free baking mix. 

Rice and Quinoa Fruit Muffins
Fruit Muffins with Rice & Quinoa

If you prefer something like overnight oats, you’ll enjoy this Coffee Breakfast Rice Pudding made with microwavable Minute® Ready to Serve White Rice and brewed coffee with cream and sugar. Prepare the morning of, in lieu of a cup of coffee. 

Simple Snacks For the Road 

Don’t let hunger stand in the way of enjoying incredible views or quality time with family and friends. Pack something tasty and hearty to munch on so you can make quality choices even on the road. And, they are perfect for keeping any younger family members entertained. Any road trip is just a bit better with fun snacks! 

Rice and Quinoa Granola Bars with chocolate
Make your own homemade Granola Bars with oats, rice and quinoa.
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Energy Rice Bars: Put together with 6 ingredients in under 10 minutes, these rice bars made with Minute® Ready to Serve Brown Rice & Quinoa are perfect for a sweet and hearty snack. Mix the night before, refrigerate to solidify, break and take with you. 
  • Jasmine Rice and Dried Cranberry Cookies: Make a large batch of cookies for the road! While cranberries might be a holiday favorite, you can substitute dried cranberries for raisins or another dried fruit, and use another jam or jelly flavor in place of the cranberry sauce. 
  • Rice and Quinoa, Oat Granola Bars: Follow this recipe and learn how to make your own quick granola bars with chocolate! 

Lunch or Dinner Options 

If you’re planning on eating lunch or dinner on the road, we’ve got some convenient options for you as well, for example one of our Chicken and Rice recipes. Make your own filling rice meal by layering your ingredients into a sealed container or a mason jar. If you’re tossing in a dressing, save it in a small container until ready to eat. Enjoy in a comfortable spot at a rest stop or park in a designated area with a view. 

Layer this Mexican Cobb Salad in a sealed container or Mason Jar.

Smaller Meals

If you’re traveling alone or everyone wants something different, use these quick recipe ideas that are perfectly portioned for one or two. 

  • Mexican Cobb Salad: Serves 2. Layer or toss together Minute® Ready to Serve Cilantro Lime Rice, canned corn, beans, chopped tomatoes, avocado and Italian dressing. To reduce liquid so your salad keeps longer, use uncut cherry tomatoes in place of chopped tomatoes and drizzle over the dressing right before serving.
  • Asian Chicken and Broccoli Slaw Salad: Serves 1. Layer or toss together Minute® Ready to Serve Multi-Grain Medley, store-bought broccoli slaw, cooked chicken and Asian sesame salad dressing. 
  • Eggplant parmesan recipe: A perfect vegetarian option!

Family-Style Meals

If you’re packing for a crowd, use a larger container and toss in these filling recipe ideas that serve more made with our Minute® Instant Rice. Pre-portion in individual containers, mason jars or use one large container.

For more filling meal ideas, explore all of our quick and hearty salads. 

Wrap Ideas 

Fold these ahead of time and cover with foil until ready to enjoy! You can even use the salad ideas from above for more tasty fillings for tortillas or pita bread. The best part about wraps? No utensils are needed. 

chicken and yellow rice burrito
Tasty Chicken and Rice Burrito
  • Chicken and Rice Burrito: Serves 2. Using Minute® Ready to Serve Yellow Rice, chicken, salsa, cheese, and toppings. 
  • Chicken Shawarma with Rice Pita: Serves 2. Using Minute® Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice, seasoned chicken, yogurt, lettuce and tomatoes. Note: You can cut the pita bread in half and fill each inner portion of the pita bread or serve on the outside as indicated in the recipe directions.

Quick Tip: Forgot to pack something to eat? No problem, grab a cup of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice or Quinoa, your favorite sauce and a can of tuna or another favorite pantry staple. Combine together right in the cup for a meal on the go that requires no cooking! A few of our favorites include salsa, chili oil and pesto.

Let us help you eat quality and convenient food anytime, anywhere! Trust Minute® Rice to provide you with tasty options on your next road trip, at your next barbecue grill out, convenient meals like a Red Beans and Rice recipe Instant Pot recipe, or whatever you’ve got planned this season. 

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