Eat better when you can’t.

Real life moves fast. We can help®.

Just because you’re stressed for time doesn’t mean you have to take whatever the drive-thru hands you – or resort to eating a power bar. Minute® Rice empowers you with fast, simple, better for you options for any meal, so you can spend less time cooking and more time on, well, life! Swap hectic for healthier even on crazy busy days. It only takes a minute. Okay, sometimes a little more.

Minute® Rice comes through time and time again.

When Minute® Rice debuted in the ‘40s, it was an instant hit. Suddenly, wholesome rice was quick and easy to prepare. No weird processing or bad chemicals (yikes). Just quality rice, simply cooked then dried. Nothing added but convenience.

Then and now, Minute® Rice continues to evolve – adding exciting new flavors, exotic grain blends, organics, aromatics, and right for today products like Minute® Ready to Serve cups that practically do the cooking for you. We’ll continue to change with the times and the ever evolving needs of our customers – that’s you! Tell us what you want to see next.

A man standing eating a pastry while a woman stairs into her mug in a kitchen

2019 – Cheers to Now!

Tasty things are happening in our test kitchens. Hint: We’re keeping it CLEAN. #RiceYourWay

2018 – Who wore it better? Here’s what you said.

We asked our customers to help us redesign our packaging. We love it so much, we might even take a shelfie!

2018 – Scent-sational addition.

The fragrant aroma of jasmine tempts everyone to expand their palates with new Minute® Instant Jasmine Rice.

A farmer standing in a field of rice displaying one stalk

2017 – One word: Organics!

Who knew organic ancient grains could be so trendy? You did! That’s why we continue to grow our amazing line of organic products.

2015-2012 – Fast-Foodies rejoice!

Minute® Rice makes it easy to be adventurous by adding the alluring scent of Jasmine and the chewy nuttiness of Basmati to our lineup of Ready to Serve rice cups!

2015 – It’s what we don’t add that matters.

Our mission is to make meals wholesome and simple for everyone.

2013– Health seekers find all-in-one answer.

Minute® Multi-Grain Medley combines brown rice, red rice, wild rice and quinoa into a delicious 100% whole grain combo that’s gluten free! Oh, and it cooks in just 10 minutes.

2008 – Convenience rules!

Minute® Ready to Serve rice cups hit stores, lunchboxes, desk drawers, backpacks and microwaves. So easy, they can be eaten anytime and anywhere!

2006 – Change is good!

Minute® Rice makes a big move to Riviana Foods Inc. Let the innovations begin!

2003 – Flavor explosion.

Customers take a walk on the wilder side with new Minute® Rice One-Dish flavored meals.

1990 – Ahead of the curve.

Minute® Instant Brown rice used to take forever to cook. Minute® Instant Brown Rice sets the bar for quick, healthier eating with its unheard of 10-minute cook time! Take that, pressure cooker!

A black and white image of a smiling woman and a happy man dancing with a spoon

1989 – Long live all of us!

Minute® Premium Rice is added to the product line-up. Less sticky and light golden in color this precooked parboiled rice has the same 5 minute cooking prep as Minute Instant Rice.

1966– Improving on pour-fection.

New “tuck-tight top” makes opening easier and storage practically spill proof.

1957– Packed with progress.

Newly developed procedure yields improved, Minute® White Rice that’s quicker and easier to prepare.

1949– As seen on a really old TV.

Minute® Rice launches a national ad campaign, claiming its spot as the first precooked rice.

Two old photographs of advertisements in the past for Minute Rice

1949 – We’re all over the map.

From New York to California and thousands of stops in between, Minute® products give folks a fast, nutritious way to plus up a mealtime in minutes!

1942-1943 – Feeding our fighting forces.

The U.S. Armed Forces used Minute®  Rice for special GI rations. A taste of home for those fighting for freedom in Europe and the South Pacific.

1941– Where it all began.

Sixty second rice was invented and introduced to the market. It’s an instant hit.