As teams prepare to battle it out in the Super Bowl this February, the main event spans far beyond the stadium to homes nationwide, as millions around the country get ready to host Super Bowl parties.  

If you are hosting a party, don’t let lack of time stop you from making it legendary!  Skip meat and cheese trays or pizza delivery and wow your guests with quick, convenient and delicious game-day appetizers, mini-meals, and desserts.

Easy Game Day Appetizers for Your Super Bowl Party

Think of appetizers as a pregame and first-quarter warmup. They set the tone for the rest of the event. People are busy reconnecting with friends, finding a comfortable spot, and discussing their expectations for the game. Tasty, grabbable appetizers help guests ease into the gameday spirit.

Here are a few quick and easy game day appetizers to impress your guests:

Cheesy Mexican Rice Bites

Cheesy Mexican Rice Bites

Every party needs some spice, and in under 20 minutes, you can make a big batch of Cheesy Mexican Rice Bites. With Minute Jalapeño Rice Cups, guests will enjoy mild heat blended with soothing Mexican cheeses and onions. Mix and roll all ingredients into ball shapes, dip them in bread crumbs for a light crust, then air fry or bake them. The recipe is so easy you can make another batch when the first one runs out.

Chicken Meatballs with Buffalo Rice

Meatballs are always a big hit at parties. This version gives off a chicken wing vibe, replacing beef with chicken as the main ingredient. These Chicken Meatballs with Buffalo Rice boast great flavor and a spicy kick. Ingredients include chili powder, garlic salt, buffalo sauce, and Minute Instant White Rice. Mix and form them into balls and bake. Serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing to cool the heat.

Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Bites

Not everyone likes hot and spicy, so it’s good to have an alternative, like these Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Bites. Bite-size pastry shells filled with chicken and cheese will wake your tastebuds. Put a Minute Brown & Wild Rice Cups in the microwave for just 60 seconds, then mix in shredded cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, red peppers, chives, and Dijon mustard. Looking to save on time? Use store-bought rotisserie chicken!

Party Peppers Stuffed with Jasmine Rice

Party Peppers Stuffed with Jasmine Rice

Party peppers are smaller than bell peppers, making a perfect bite-size portion when sliced in half. This is another appetizer you can make in under 20 minutes. Mix cooked Minute Instant Jasmine Rice, cream cheese, lemon juice, chives, green onions, cheese, and spices. Fill each pepper half with a scoop of the mixture, top with leftover cheese and olive oil, and bake. These Party Peppers Stuffed with Jasmine Rice give guests a crunchy, savory treat.

Shrimp Tostadas

These Shrimp Tostadas will satisfy your guests’ cravings for a tasty Mexican appetizer and it’ll satisfy your need for a delicious, easy-to-make appetizer! Using Minute’s zesty and savory Spanish Rice Cups, this recipe includes shrimp, avocado, cilantro, and salsa. After mixing those ingredients, scoop them into mini corn tortillas so guests can quickly grab and devour them. You can also add lime for an additional flavor boost.

Choose Your Chili Bar

The Super Bowl happens during the coldest time of the year, so your guests will want something to eat that is warm and filling. And there aren’t many football party food recipes better than chili. But rather than make one big batch using your family’s secret recipe, serve a trio of easy-to-make chili dishes so everyone can pick their favorite.

Guests may want game day meals versus hors d’oeuvres as the game enters the second quarter. You can satisfy them by offering a chili buffet with the following DIY party recipes.

Brown Rice and Bean Chili

This Brown Rice and Bean Chili is a great option for your vegetarian guests who avoid eating animal products but still want protein. The best part? You can make this dish in under five minutes using Minute Brown Rice Cups, canned beans, salsa, tomato sauce, and cheese.

Vegetarian Chili with Rice and Quinoa

Just because it’s vegetarian doesn’t mean meat lovers won’t enjoy it as well. This comforting Vegetarian Chili with Rice and Quinoa contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. Using Minute Instant Rice & Quinoa as the base for this flavorful dish, you can prepare this recipe quickly. Just add diced tomatoes with Mexican spices, canned chili beans, and chili seasoning mix and top with cheddar cheese.

Turkey Meatballs and Rice Chili

Make party meal prep easier by hitting up the frozen section of your local grocery for Turkey Meatballs and Rice Chili ingredients. Buy frozen turkey meatballs and corn. Combine thawed meatballs and corn with canned white beans and enchilada sauce. Top it with prepared guacamole sauce for a hearty game day meal.

Shareable Second Half Snacks

Jalapeño Rice Spinach Bread Bowl

By the end of halftime, most guests are full and ready to root for their team in the second half. Being full doesn’t always mean they want to stop eating, however. Some like to pick up small bites to satisfy a craving. Some like to snack when they are stressed about the game. This is the perfect time to offer chips, crackers, and dips. Check out the following unique options for shareable dishes.

Jalapeno Rice Spinach Bread Bowl

No party should be without a great spinach dip. Why not add a little spice to it? Starting with a large sourdough bread bowl, cut out the center and along the interior edges. But make sure to keep that bread on hand for dipping!

To make the rich Jalapeño Rice Spinach Bread Bowl filling, use spinach, sour cream, cream cheese, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, green onions, garlic, and ranch dressing. Microwave one Minute Jalapeño Rice Cup, mix together and enjoy!

Hamburger Rice Casserole

Casseroles make excellent dips for serving a crowd. Football and hamburgers go hand in hand, and this Hamburger Rice Casserole is the perfect way to give guests a bit of tradition without spending time on the grill. Ready in just 15 minutes, layer this dish with Minute Spanish Rice Cups, then cover it with a hamburger and onion mixture. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and place under the broiler to melt the cheese. Serve it up with tortilla strips and Pico de Gallo and watch your guests go for seconds!

Meatless Taco Rice Skillet

Another great shareable snack for your guests is this Meatless Taco Rice Skillet. We love this recipe because  it’s extremely easy to make since all the ingredients are cooked together in one skillet! Packed with flavor, this 20-minute meal is cheesy, hearty and sure to be a party favorite.

Start by cooking a frozen meat alternative, then add Minute Instant White Rice, water, salsa, and taco seasoning mix and boil for five to seven minutes, the amount of time it takes to cook the rice. Once the rice mixture is done, sprinkle cheese over the top and let it stand until melted. This dish can be served with soft and hard taco shells for guests who want bigger bites. Offer shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes for toppings.

Sweet Victory Desserts

It’s the fourth quarter, and the game is nearing its conclusion. Guests are winding down, but this is not the time to stop rooting hard for their team. They need a mini energy boost to push through. Something sweet will definitely hit the spot. But serving sweet treats doesn’t mean you have to spend all day baking. Here are some desserts you can make in just a few minutes.

Irish Cream Rice Pudding

Irish Cream Rice Pudding combines Minute Instant White Rice, milk, egg yolk, heavy whipping cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla, and almond extract. After cooking the ingredients into a sauce, let it sit. As it cools, the pudding will thicken.

Rice Pudding Balls

If you were told Minute Jasmine Rice and Red Quinoa Cups could make a sweet treat, you might not believe it. But these Rice Pudding Balls are all the evidence you need. They’re a mixture of rice, regular milk, condensed milk, vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, and shredded coconut. Rolled into a ball, they are perfect for any party or as a grab-and-go snack.

Banana Peanut Butter Bites

Bananas, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and Minute Brown Rice Cups are the only ingredients you need to make Banana Peanut Butter Bites. Combine the peanut butter and rice and then layer. Put a banana slice on the bottom, add a small scoop of the mixture, and drizzle with melted chocolate. Have guests with peanut allergies? Substitute crunchy almond butter for peanut butter or, for nut-free bites, use soy or sunflower butter.

Classic Rice Pudding

Some desserts are so good there is no need to vamp them up, like the Classic Rice Pudding that you can make in as little as two minutes! The recipe calls for only four ingredients: Minute White Rice Cups, vanilla-flavored pudding, raisins, and cinnamon. For an easy twist on tradition, offer a parfait buffet and encourage guests to make their parfait. In a parfait glass, they can layer the pudding with their favorite toppings, such as fruits, nuts, or candies.

Setting the Scene: Décor and Presentation

It’s the Super Bowl. Don’t scrimp on the decorations. If you are a DIY-er, this is the perfect time to use your skills to create an energizing, game-winning vibe. If you aren’t handy or are limited on time, check out your local dollar store for football-themed décor. Below are some ways to set the scene for the Super Bowl party.

  • Create or buy a bright green tablecloth covered in football patterns
  • Use oversized foam fingers to direct guests to the bathroom, food, and television areas
  • Write messages on a chalkboard, mimicking the way coaches write plays in the locker room
  • Hang football-themed banners and pennant flags

Make your snack table Instagram-worthy by using unique containers. For example, use trophy cups to hold dips, helmets to hold chips, or construct a goal post-shaped tier rack. Most importantly, decorate using the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl.

A Win for the Home Team

Rice bites, stuffed peppers, shrimp tostadas, a chili buffet, casserole dips, and sweet pudding are the touchdowns that help you win at Super Bowl entertaining. Your guests will feel like you went above and beyond to make them feel special. They won’t know you saved time and money using these easy Super Bowl food ideas.

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