Rice Pudding recipes

After a long and busy day, you deserve something truly tasty and indulgent! We’ve got exactly what you need with all of our tasty rice pudding desserts made with quality Minute® Rice. Spoon up a helping of a rich and creamy vanilla or chocolate rice pudding, or make it a touch sweeter with delicious fruit like peaches, berries, banana or coconut. Learn how you can make your own easy rice pudding over the stove, in the oven or in the microwave!

Vanilla Berry Parfait
2 servings
3 mins

Vanilla Berry Parfait

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love this delicious Vanilla Berry Parfait made with Minute® Ready to Serve Basmati Rice and fruit.

1 servings
7 mins (+ 2 mins standing time)

Layered Chocolate-Caramel Rice Pudding Cake

This easy but over-the-top dessert layers dulce de leche rice pudding and chocolate mug cake with peanut butter and cookies!

4 to 6 servings
20 mins (+ 15 mins standing time)

Summer Berry Rice Pudding Crumble

This fruity rice pudding with berries is finished with crunchy granola for a summer dessert that’s simple to make and tastes fantastic.

12 servings
20 mins (+ 4 hours chilling time)

Salted Caramel Rice Pudding Ice Cream Pie

Our festive and delicious Salted Caramel Rice Pudding Ice Cream Pie is a fabulous, make-ahead dessert for summer barbecues!

4-6 servings
10 mins (+ 15 mins standing time)

Churro Rice Pudding

This creamy Churro Rice Pudding is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce for a fun dessert or snack that everyone will love!

1 servings
4 mins (+ 2 mins standing time)

Coffee Breakfast Rice Pudding

With brewed coffee and cream, this rich Coffee Breakfast Rice Pudding is a fun and delicious way to start the day. The best part? It’s ready to enjoy in less…

1-2 servings
2 mins (+ 2 mins standing time)

Chocolate Hazelnut Rice Pudding

Quick and easy, this Chocolate Hazelnut Rice Pudding makes a simple breakfast or afternoon snack. Try it with Minute® Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice.

pumpkin pie rice pudding dessert
1 servings
3 mins

Pumpkin Pie Rice Pudding

This easy recipe combines the flavors of pumpkin pie and rice pudding into a single rich and creamy dessert. The best part? This tasty treat is ready in just 5…

coconut lime rice pudding recipe with jasmine rice
4 servings
15 mins

Triple Coconut Lime Rice Pudding

Our tropical Triple Coconut Lime Rice Pudding is for all of you piña colada lovers out there! The combination of creamy coconut milk and jasmine rice with…

4-6 servings
15 mins

15 Minute Vanilla Rice Pudding

Make a fabulous dessert to share in just 15 minutes with this incredible vanilla rice pudding recipe. Our white rice mixed with vanilla pudding and cinnamon is…

Coconut Rice Pudding
4-6 servings
25 mins

Coconut Rice Pudding

Made with jasmine rice, coconut milk, nutmeg, vanilla and more delicious flavors, our creamy Coconut Rice Pudding is a great addition to your dessert menu!

4 servings
5 mins

Peachy Rice Pudding

Get the peaches and cream taste you love with this easy and delicious Peachy Rice Pudding. Made with jasmine rice, vanilla pudding and peach pie filling, it…

4-6 servings
15 mins

Vanilla Rice Pudding

Try not to eat it all at once! This delicious Vanilla Rice Pudding from Minute® Rice is easy to make with raisins, warm cinnamon and nutmeg.

1-2 servings
2 mins

Easy Rice Pudding

This Easy Rice Pudding combines only 4 ingredients for a quick and creamy, delicious dessert that’s perfect for any weeknight dinner.

1 servings
3 mins

Chocolate Coconut Almond Rice Pudding

Save time by using our microwavable, organic Ready to Serve white rice in this Chocolate Coconut Almond Rice Pudding. You deserve a sweet treat after surviving…

Creamy Brown Rice Pudding
4 servings
30 mins

Creamy Brown Rice Pudding

This Creamy Brown Rice Pudding has all of the great flavors of your favorite dessert but with the goodness of whole grains to keep you satisfied.

Classic Minute Rice Pudding
3-4 servings
45 mins

Classic Minute Rice Pudding

It’s hard to resist the delicious flavors of this Classic Minute Rice Pudding dessert made with warm milk infused with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla.

4 servings
10 mins

Oat Milk Banana Rice Pudding

Enjoy a sweet and creamy treat any time with this quick and easy Oat Milk Banana Rice Pudding recipe made with our Minute® Instant White Rice.

4 servings
35 mins

Baked Rice Pudding

This delicious Baked Rice Pudding is a time-saving recipe for a classic favorite. Try it as your next dessert and impress your family, tonight!

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