These New Rice Cup Flavors Help To Make Meal Prep a Breeze

Conveniently pre-portioned, ready to eat in 60 seconds, and best of all, delicious, Minute Rice Cups are a key staple for every pantry. Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner solution or a tasty lunch on the go, Minute Rice Cups make enjoying delicious meals fast and easy. 

With zero preservatives and versatile flavors to suit any craving, these cups are the perfect way to mix up your mealtime. Now, Minute Rice Cups are available in three new varieties to help you plan even more interesting meals when you’re short on time: Sticky Rice, Hot Honey Chicken Seasoned Rice and Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice

Check out these recipes to give you inspiration on how to make delicious meals with these new options. Minute Rice Cups are the perfect portion for a single-serving meal, but these recipes can be easily doubled or tripled to make enough for the whole family!

Sticky Rice Cups 

Restaurant-style sticky rice is now available in your home in just 60 seconds! From sushi and poke bowls to delicious desserts, Minute Sticky Rice Cups’ namesake texture is perfect to create an easy meal or eat on the go. 

Sticky rice is popular in Asian cuisine, and Minute Sticky Rice Cups help you prepare an Asian-inspired meal without the fuss. These Spicy Crab Onigiri and Everything Bagel Salmon Crispy Nigiri are a tasty and unique take on traditional Japanese dishes. For a meatless option, try this Kimchi Vegetable Sushi, and add your favorite vegetables to make it your own. Minute Sticky Rice Cups are perfect for shaping and holding the ingredients together, and you’ll save plenty of time preparing dinner. 

If you have a waffle maker, this Crispy Mini Rice Waffle with Ahi Tuna recipe brings classic sushi flavors in a fun way. The sticky rice is the perfect texture to create a crispy rice waffle with a satisfying crunch. Get creative by topping the waffle with other classic sushi proteins like salmon or shrimp, or make a vegetarian snack by using avocado and cucumber. 

Crispy Mini Rice Waffle with Ahi Tuna
Crispy Mini Rice Waffle with Ahi Tuna

Sticky rice’s simple flavor makes it a great rice to use in desserts, as well. These Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Sushi Rolls are a playful dessert perfect for a fun family cooking activity that you can enjoy making your own. The convenient Minute Sticky Rice Cups make it incredibly easy to shape the sushi roll in just a few minutes. 

Hot Honey Chicken Seasoned Rice Cups 

With just the right balance of heat and honey, the new Hot Honey Chicken Seasoned Rice Cups bring a delicious blend of sweet, savory and a touch of spice to any meal. Whether it’s part of a main course, spicing up your side dishes or enjoyed on its own for a quick microwaveable meal at the office, these Hot Honey Chicken Seasoned Rice Cups add some sizzle to your meals.

For a fun take on a comfort food classic, try this Hot Honey Chicken & Waffle recipe, which uses the Hot Honey Chicken Seasoned Rice Cups as the waffle to add additional sweet and savory flavor to the dish. Another creative way to use this rice is in this Hot Honey Chicken Meatball Sub, where the Hot Honey Chicken Seasoned Rice is incorporated into the chicken meatballs to add a layer of flavor. 

The complex flavors of these rice cups make it a great addition to spice-forward dishes like this Indian Fried Chicken and Rice and this Harissa Chicken Mix It Up Rice Bowl, as they add an additional layer of complexity to the flavors.

Indian Fried Chicken and Rice

Looking for a fun appetizer for your next get-together, or a great snack to have on hand at home? These Rice Crackers and Ranch Dip are irresistibly crispy and flavorful. You can pair these rice crackers with any of your favorite dips as well, like hummus, a spicy cheese dip or anything you’re craving! 

Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice Cups

New Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice Cups make the perfect savory side dish or a great base to any number of delicious meals. Ready to eat in just one minute and enhanced with a savory seasoning of onion, garlic and zesty herbs, these Long Grain & Wild Rice Cups are sure to be an instant staple in your pantry. 

The Long Grain & Wild Rice Cups’ savory seasoning is right at home in warm, comforting dishes like Pork Chops & Apple Cinnamon Sauce and this Easy Chicken Long Grain & Wild Rice Soup, both of which come together in a half hour or less for a convenient weeknight dish.

Easy Chicken Long Grain & Wild Rice Sou
Easy Chicken Long Grain & Wild Rice Soup

Looking for more easy vegetarian meals? Long Grain & Wild Rice Cups are perfectly seasoned to add a savory element to vegetarian dishes. This Falafel & Rice Pita Pocket is packed with flavor for a convenient take on a Mediterranean classic that’s ready in just 11 minutes. For a flavorful and easy lunch idea, try this Long Grain & Wild Rice Curry Bowl, packed with crunchy fruits and vegetables and spicy curry powder. This Oven Roasted Cauliflower makes a great vegetarian-friendly appetizer or side dish, with Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice infusing the dish with a delicious blend of herbs and spices and crispy chickpeas adding a satisfying crunch. 

Delicious & Convenient Minute Rice Cups

From seasoned, savory Long Grain & Wild Rice to restaurant-style Sticky Rice and the sweet heat of Hot Honey Chicken Seasoned Rice Cups, these new Minute Rice Cup flavors are a great addition to your meal rotation. Conveniently pre-portioned and ready in just 60 seconds, they’re ideal for quick meals, a stress-free side dish or as part of meal prep for your next family dinner. With versatile flavors that suit any mood or dish, you can be sure that a delicious and wholesome meal is just a few minutes away. 

Plus, Minute Rice Cups are BPA-free and have How2Recycle® labels to provide clear and simple recycling information. The cups can be recycled by store drop-off, and the sleeves are made from recyclable materials that can be recycled curbside. There are also plenty of ways to reuse your Minute Rice Cups, from gardening to art projects and molds for popsicles. Check out these tips for more ideas on How To Bring Sustainability to Your Meals.  

For more ways to use these new Minute Rice Cup flavors, check out Minute Rice’s Mix It Up Meals. Just heat your Minute Rice Cup, add the mix-in ingredients, and say goodbye to boring lunches and uninspired meals! You can also use these Mix It Up Meals as inspiration to create your own meal starring your favorite Minute Rice Cup and the ingredients you have on hand. 

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