Tried and true classics

Tried and True Classics (Recipe Collection)

Savory and sweet. Zesty and rich. These classic Minute® dishes turn mid-week meals into quick mini-feasts, dessert included! Swipe through and see how easy it is to put together a delicious dinner you and your family will love.

4-6 servings
15 mins

Spanish Rice, Pronto

Need a dinner recipe that is both fast and flavorful? Our Spanish Rice, Pronto is cooked in sautéed vegetables and is ready in 15 minutes, or less.

4-6 servings
25 mins

Super Easy Tuna Casserole

Serve a creamy and delicious classic for dinner in just 25 minutes with this Super Easy Tuna Casserole made with Minute® Instant White Rice.

4-6 servings
30 mins

Porcupine Meatballs

Try these classic Porcupine Meatballs made with our Minute® Instant White Rice instead of breadcrumbs for the ultimate meatballs with tons of flavor, ready in…

Classic Minute Rice Pudding
3-4 servings
45 mins

Classic Minute Rice Pudding

It’s hard to resist the delicious flavors of this Classic Minute Rice Pudding dessert made with warm milk infused with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla.

4 servings
12 mins

Classic Fried Rice

Is there anything more classic than fried white rice with soy sauce and Asian-style vegetables, topped with sesame seeds and green onion? Try this tasty dish,…

4 servings
60 mins

Classic Stuffed Peppers

Serve your family a dinner they’ll love with these Classic Stuffed Peppers with Minute® Instant White Rice, seasoned ground beef and more.

blt rice salad
4-6 servings
15 mins

BLT Rice Salad

How much do you love a good BLT? We’ve reinvented the classic trio with Minute® Instant White Rice to create an amazing rice salad for any occasion!

Chicken Continental
4 servings
20 mins

Chicken Continental

This Chicken Continental recipe combines the savory flavors of sliced mushrooms, garlic, chicken, rice and green beans simmered together in chicken broth into…

6 servings
40 mins

Broccoli Rice Casserole

This cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole is comfort food at its finest! Made with creamy mushroom soup, cheese dip, white rice and fresh bread, it’s ready in under…

Mexican Rice recipe with herbs
6-8 servings
15 mins

Mexican Rice Recipe

This homemade and authentic Mexican Rice recipe is quick to make for when you need a delicious side dish to accompany your Taco Tuesday specialties.

15 Minute Savory Rice Pilaf with vegetables
4 servings
15 mins

15 Minute Savory Rice Pilaf

This Savory Rice Pilaf is ready in just 15 minutes using extra fluffy premium white rice, mushrooms, peas and onion sautéed to perfection in butter and cooked…

15 min chicken and rice dinner
4 servings
15 mins

15 Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner

Enjoy all of the flavor with none of the stress with this simple and delicious 15 Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner.

3-4 servings
10 mins

Souper Rice

Souper Rice saves the day, every time! In just 10 minutes, you can put together a delicious side or main dish for dinner or a quick lunch.

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