Spicy BLT Bowl

Turn the classic BLT sandwich into a quick whole grain rice bowl that’s ready in less than 5 minutes. Drizzle Sriracha sauce on top for a kick and enjoy.

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Cooking time PREP TIME 3 mins
Cooking time COOK TIME 1 min
Servings SERVES 1
Ready in TOTAL TIME 4 mins
Cooking time
PREP TIME 3 mins
Cooking time
Ready in


  • 1 cup Minute® Ready to Serve Brown Rice
  • 2 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp Sriracha sauce
  • 1/4 cup diced tomato
  • 1 cup shredded iceberg lettuce
  • 2 strips of precooked bacon, chopped into bite sized pieces


  • Packed with savory bacon, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomato, it’s no surprise that a simple BLT is a beloved comfort food. We take this classic to a new level by deconstructing the sandwich; ditch the bread and pile your BLT on top of a hearty foundation of nutty Minute® Ready to Serve Brown Rice.

    Step 1

  • Heat rice according to package directions.

    Step 2

  • In a small bowl combine mayonnaise and sriracha.

    Step 3

  • Serve rice topped with lettuce, tomato, and bacon.

    Step 4

  • Drizzle with sauce.

    Recipe Tip

    Diced avocado is a great addition


Bring Home the (Precooked) Bacon

Precooked bacon offers mouthwatering savory flavors and irresistible crunch without any prep work or cleanup! Keep it simple with precooked bacon. After all, fully cooked strips don’t require any cooking (though you can pop them in the microwave if you want a toasty topping!). In fact, once you go fully cooked, you may never go back!

Make it Better with Bacon

No matter the preparation process, bacon is a welcome addition to almost every dish! For a less spicy take on the classic trio, try this tempting BLT Rice Salad! For full flavor, you’ll want to pan-fry the bacon. However, if you’re thinking about using pre-cooked bacon, there are ways to compensate for lost flavor such as using butter or sesame oil. We have plenty of Drool-Worthy Bacon Recipes, but don’t be afraid to get creative!  Looking for a super easy dinner recipe? Try our chicken broccoli rice cheese casserole.

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