Hawaiian Rice

Like pineapple on pizza? Try pineapple with rice! This simple Hawaiian Rice recipe is made with ham, pineapple, peas and rice, and is ready in less than 5 minutes!

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Cooking time PREP TIME 3 mins
Servings SERVES 1-2
Ready in TOTAL TIME 3 mins
Cooking time
PREP TIME 3 mins
Ready in


  • 1 cup Minute® Ready to Serve White Rice
  • 1/2 cup cooked, cubed ham
  • 1/2 cup fresh or canned pineapple chunks
  • 1/4 cup cooked green peas or sugar snap peas
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp soy sauce


  • Wave goodbye to complicated recipes, and say aloha to simplicity! This recipe for Hawaiian Rice is just as relaxing as a vacation on Oahu. In just two steps, you can enjoy a tropical take on fried rice. It’s that simple!

    Step 1

  • Heat rice according to package directions.

    Step 2

  • Combine rice, ham, pineapple, peas, sesame oil and soy sauce in a medium bowl.

    Recipe Tips

    For more flavor and texture, try garnishing this dish with toasted sesame seeds and chopped cilantro.

Sweet and Salty

If you’re a fan of combining sweet and salty flavors, you’re going to love this pineapple and ham rice dish made with sesame oil and soy sauce. Try it with Minute® Ready to Serve White Rice, for a dish ready in less than 5 minutes!

No Stove Required

A microwave is all you need to finalize this recipe, which makes this meal great to pack for a quick lunch at the office or to have pre- or post-workout. At Minute® Rice, all you need is your favorite Ready to Serve variety, a few ingredients and you’re set. Learn how to make egg rice or offer a whole grain touch with Brown Rice & Quinoa. Visit our recipe selection and find more tasty yet simple ideas using 5 ingredients or less in the microwave. The possibilities are endless.

Sauce Options

If you don’t have any sesame oil on hand, or would rather use an alternative, try using coconut oil. Coconut oil is great to cook with and is rich in fatty acids. Coconut oil has a subtle, nutty flavor when used in cooking, not a strong taste. If you want to boost the tropical, coconut notes, garnish each dish with some coconut flakes.

Adding soy sauce to this, or any dish you make, is a great way to add salty flavor without having to reach for the table salt. Adding some soy sauce to the pan towards the end of the preparation period is a great way to distribute flavor evenly. Soy sauce enhances the flavors in a dish and, if you’re trying to cut back on sodium but still want that salty taste, you can use a variety of soy sauce that has reduced sodium content. Needing a new dinner idea? Try our: stuffed eggplant recipes.

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