No-Recipe Recipes

Variety and comfort are defining characteristics for No-Recipe Recipes. Not sure what that is? Get ready because your time spent in the kitchen is about to change. Learn how to build your own rice bowl, make a soup or rice salad just by popping a Ready to Serve rice cup in the microwave and tossing in a few ingredients.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you can prepare meals that are just right every time, in no time at all with our No-Recipe Recipes formula. Jot down a few of our pairing suggestions to spark your inner chef, get creative , save time and eat great – we guarantee there's more than one advantage to learning how to 'cook' without following an actual recipe.

Cooking Without a Recipe

To make these No-Recipe Recipes simply follow our 4 step formula to create proper meals with minimal to no cooking, all without sacrificing quality or taste. One of the best parts about this revolutionary way of cooking is that there is no need to worry about ingredient amounts or not enough cooking instructions. With just a bit of guidance, the rest is up to you – how much sauce is too much sauce? We'll let your tastebuds decide!

The 4-Step Formula

1. Microwave your grain base

Who doesn't love grains? The ease and versatility of grains make them the perfect base for almost any meal. The first step in our No-Recipe Recipes formula is to heat the convenient Minute® Microwavable Rice Cups. Pop one in the microwave and in a matter of seconds you'll be enjoying perfectly cooked rice or a hearty blend of rice and quinoa.

Chicken Broccoli Salad

Whether you're a fan of whole grains, organic rice or slightly seasoned grains, there's a rice cup to suit your preferences. As we said, the best part about these recipes is that you’re free to choose the ingredients you like best.

2. Add some veggies

The second step in the formula is to add any chopped veggies you have on hand – fresh, frozen or canned vegetables will all work. Give that frozen vegetable blend in the back of your freezer a second chance by using it in a delicious No-Recipe Rice Bowl or in a refreshing rice salad.

Un-Fried Rice

Fresh vegetables add a nice crisp layer of texture but we do love the ease of cooking with pre-chopped and pre-cooked frozen veggies. Just remember to thaw sufficiently and either microwave or sauté before mixing with the grains.

3. Plus up with a protein punch

Most meals feel incomplete without an extra dose of protein-packed foods. The third part of the formula is to plus your rice up with cheese, chicken, meat, beans, chickpeas, canned tuna, tofu, or whatever protein you choose. Get creative and improvise with what you have and the results will be nothing short of tasty!

Black Beans and Rice

Pro tip: try to find a balance in the texture of your add-ins! If you go with crisp fresh vegetables, use creamy textured beans to keep the texture interesting.

4. Stir in your favorite sauce

Sauces, vinaigrettes, and dressings are the real game-changers when it comes to flavor. As your No-Recipe Recipe will start with a mild grain base, your stir-in possibilities are pretty much endless.

For the final part of our 4-step winning formula, stir in (or drizzle) the finishing flavor kick for your personalized meal. If you’re short on time or cooking skills, go with a store-bought sauce or dressing but, if you're feeling adventurous to try new flavors, try your hand at a homemade sauce.

Chicken Broccoli Salad
Minute® Ready To Serve Jasmine RiceBroccoli FloretsShredded Rotisserie ChickenAsian Flavored Salad Dressing
Un-Fried Rice
Minute® Ready To Serve Brown RiceAsian Vegetable BlendCooked ChickenSoy Sauce
Black Beans and RiceMinute® Ready To Serve Cilantro & Lime Jasmine RiceTomatoes and Green OnionsBlack BeansYour Favorite Vinaigrette
Marinara RiceMinute® Ready To Serve Garlic & Olive Oil Jasmine RiceMixed VegetablesMozzarella CheeseMarinara Sauce
Southwest Beans & Rice Salad BowlMinute® Ready To Serve Southwest Pinto Beans and RiceLettuceCornSalsa
Country Chicken & Rice SoupMinute® Ready To Serve White RiceParsleyCan of Chicken & Vegetable SoupCrushed Saltine Crackers

Tips to Build your own meal

Now that you’ve learned the No-Recipe formula, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind, so you can start having fun building your own rice-filled dish.

Stock up your pantry

The recipes we go back to, again and again, are usually the most simple and start with kitchen staples. By properly stocking your pantry with a selection of goods, you'll be able to pull together a delicious meal without any extra grocery store runs. We're talking about canned food, store-bought sauce or dressing, frozen goods and of course, rice.

Marinara Rice

For minimal effort in the kitchen, Microwavable Rice Cups can be great allies. These cups have a shelf life of a bit more than a year and come in different varieties so no meal is repetitive or boring. From naturally flavored Jasmine Rice to a Whole Grain Medley, believe us when we say Minute® Ready To Serve Cups are lifesavers!

Play with dressings

You'll be surprised at how easily you can turn fruits, vegetables and even store-bought salsa into a delicious dressing for your No-Recipe creation. Make a homemade tomato sauce by roasting some tomatoes and then blending or, a light salad dressing by thinning store-bought pesto with olive oil.

Cook smart (save time and money)

Cooking without being tied to a recipe will help you learn to cook with what you have on hand while also cutting back on grocery expenses. The No-Recipe Recipes formula comes in handy if you have a busy schedule or are sticking to a strict budget, but you still want to enjoy tasty and filling meals you can be proud of.

Southwest Beans & Rice Bowl

Another benefit to cooking with rice cups is that without measured ingredients, cleaning up will be a breeze as there won't be any extra measuring cups, spoons or containers in the sink. See, we told you there was more than one reason to love these meals.

Master the ingredient ratio

Deciding how much of each ingredient to add not only depends on your preference but on the number of people you're sharing your meal with. Minute® Ready To Serve Cups are single-serving portions, however, if you’ve got more mouths to feed or you’re planning on sharing with a crowd, try our slightly larger microwavable cups or go big with a family-sized version.

If you're a veggie-lover, we recommend keeping a 1:1 ratio with the grains and the added vegetables. You can even use the microwavable cup to measure the vegetables before tossing them in with the rice. The same applies to any protein plus-ups. Depending on how hungry you are, add the desired amount of protein – make it half or fill the entire cup with protein to keep the meal balanced.

Country Chicken & Rice Soup

We won't judge your love for salsa, so drizzle as much sauce as necessary. And, in case you were wondering, any extra mix-ins are always welcome! Feel free to sprinkle your meal with chopped nuts, seeds, fresh herbs, sea salt…after all, you make the rules with your personalized no recipe meal.