FAQ – Storing Minute® Rice products

What is the shelf life of Minute® products?

From the month of manufacture, our Minute® Instant products have a shelf life (BEST BY) of 2 years. Most of our Rice Cups products have a shelf life (BEST BY) of 15 months.

I’ve had my Minute® Instant Rice in my pantry for a while now. How can I tell if it has expired?

To assure the best quality and flavor, we recommend you consume the product by the BEST BY date.

How should I store Minute® Rice Cups?

You can store Minute® Rice Cups microwavable rice in a cool, dry area such as a pantry.

How should I store Minute® Instant Rice?

Store package in a cool, dry, insect-free area in the original box or other container, which permits circulation of air. Keep away from foods or materials with aromas as they can be absorbed. You can also store the rice in a refrigerator or freezer to extend the shelf life.

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